Employee Self Service Portal

Earlier, the employees experience difficulties in getting solutions to their queries. They rush to HR department to get appropriate solution related to their queries. But, we have made these things very easy through our customized ESS portal. This software enables users to access their personal information, leaves details, expense claims and many other requirements.

The ESS portal is abbreviated as Employee Self Service portal, from here the employees get answers to their questions and can update their information if they required. Our software development team has developed ESS portal to enhance efficiency of HR department. The HR professionals never need to attend annoying and time consuming questionnaires raised from employees.

Ganit is the trusted name in IT industry and provides mobile based ERP solutions to industry globally. We deliver HR related products and services to the clients and have got awesome appreciations from them.

Benefits of ESS Portal

Cost Saving

ESS portal reduces the cost of the company as much of the task has performed by employees. The employees may get answers to their questions without giving a call in to HR department, hence it reduces the cost of the company entitle for HR department.

Employee Satisfaction

Employees are asset of any organization. So, it is very important to keep them happy. Sometimes, employees get disappointed if they didn’t get solution to their queries. But, ESS portal has made it very easy. The employees may get answers to their questions through ESS system.

24*7 Accesses

Employees Self Service system is accessible for 24*7.  The user can access it anytime from anywhere by using ESS credentials.

Environmentally Friendly

The ESS system has very easy user interface. The employees can access it by browsing that particular link on device and just need to follow few easy steps to perform the task.