Education ERP Software Module

Student Management

Student Attendance Management

  • The students can track their attendance and leaves lecture-wise
  • Integration of access biometric system or card for maintaining attendance of students

Batches & Course Management

  • Schedule & Upload courses
  • Schedule batches depending on courses
  • Schedule and manage subjects for each batch
  • Students Promotion after completion of course
  • Import previous batch's subjects
  • Schedule lectures depending on the batches & courses

Events & Activities Management

  • Helps to get disciplinary actions
  • Maintain Punctuality
  • Records Misconduct & Actions Undertaken

Timetable Management

  • Time Table Generation
  • Access availability of faculty as per schedule
  • Lecture analysis
  • Review faculty availability as per Subject & Class

Examination Management

  • Examination Name
  • Grades obtained in exam
  • Result Manager
  • Mark Sheet/Report Card/Transcript Generation

Placement & Alumni Management

  • The students can access well maintained company record, internship, package details and much more
  • Manages alumni with membership registration feature

Library Management

  • Maintain records of Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Maintain record of articles like Books, Project Reports, CDs etc.
  • It makes easy to allot articles to students and faculty properly
  • Anyone can search article and library record
Admin Management

Profile Management

  • Manage profiles of faculty, students and admin staff easily
  • An easy and quick access to information related faculty, students and staff
  • Up to date and accurate data

Events & Activities Management

  • Batch-wise Event and Activity Calender
  • Details of Co-ordinators & Participants

Conveyance Management

  • Bus Details
  • Details of the driver
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Students boarding points details
  • Fuel consumption details
  • Trip Schedules
  • Route Tracking

Admission Management

  • End-to-end admission module
  • Fee details year-wise
  • Additional charges, late fee charges and many others

Inquiry Management

  • Manages each inquiry diligently and provides accurate information

Communication Management

  • Reminder for follow-up and task alerts
  • Messages sent to parents & Faculty
  • Birthday Reminder for staff and faculty member

Student & Faculty Committee Management

  • Complete details of Committee Members
  • Year wise details of the Members
HR & Finance Management

Employee Attendance Management

  • Shift Allocation
  • Shift Change

Payroll Processing Management

  • Define own earning and deduction
  • Formula for salary calculation
  • Comprehensive rounding Off
  • Payment by Cheque, Cash or Bank Advice
  • Payment to All staff
  • Calculate and identify earning for ESI and PF

Leave Management

  • Define type of leave
  • Define maximum number of allowed leave
  • Specify which Leave to Carry Forward
  • Availed Leave
  • Leave Detail Reports

Finance Management

  • Cash Transactions : Cash Payment, Cash Withdrawal, Cash Receipts and Cash Deposit
  • Bank Transactions : Bank Payments, Bank Transfers, Bank Receipts
  • Accounts Payable : Debit Note, Purchase Invoice, Credit Note
  • Account Receivables : Sales Invoice, Credit Note, Incoming Payment, Debit Note
  • Journal Entries : Journal Posting, Contra
  • Trial Balance
  • P & L Account
  • Balance Sheet

Fees Management

  • Multiple Fees Structure
  • Fees Payment
  • Fees Schedule
  • Fees Status Reports
  • Fees Receipt Print
Portal Management

Student Sign in Panel

  • Can have overview of their current, batch, session,
  • course, division
  • Enables to view the Time-Table
  • Students can have list of upcoming events
  • Facilitates to view assignments
  • Notices send to a student can be easily viewed by that particular student
  • Students can also have the details of the pending fees and its due date

Parent Sign in Panel

  • Parents can have an overview of their ward's current batch, session, course, division
  • Parents can view the upcoming events in the college
  • Facilitates parents to view the notices sent to their children
  • Pending fees and due date can be viewed

Faculty Sign in Panel

  • Each and every faculty member can have the general information recorded in the institute in their login
  • Can view the time table
  • Facilitates to view upcoming notifications , alerts, events
  • Details of students and subjects can be viewed

Online School Management System Software in India | School ERP Software

School ERP Software for educational institutions is a management tool that allows you to manage administrative, educational and training processes efficiently within an institute. It helps users to streamline all educational processes related to students. School Management System Software is the easiest and the most powerful management tool used for academic platforms. All the management processes of any educational institutes will be centralized in a single tool, allowing you to gain greater control and improve your productivity.

You can get Online School Management Software System in India at affordable cost. It enables you to manage admin process and optimize resources in well managed way. It is a profitable approach to deliver adequate care.

Features of School ERP Software

It is necessary to have a software tool that manages all the processes from registration to examination of students. This can be accomplished through school ERP software.Some of the common features of school ERP software are as follows:

  1. Simple, Easy and user friendly interface to access
  2. Safe and secure database
  3. It is one handed software and a number of modules will be active in a single server
  4. User can access it from anywhere and anytime
  5. The software system will be integrated with school website.
  6. The database contains complete information of students, faculty and parents as well.
  7. Complete faculty and student respiratory for documents.
  8.  Separate login authentication for students, faculty and parents
  9.  Monthly schedule will be generated automatically
  10.  Holiday and Examination schedule will be updated automatically

Benefits of School ERP Software

Empower Educational and Institutional Growth

This software boosts up students enrollment and maintains long lasting relationship with partners.

Accelerate Student Progress

The students can access details of assignments that propelthe students to complete their studies.

Great Control over Different Processes

All the process of the school will be integrated to a single unit. This allows you to have great control and improve productivity in different processes.