Real Estate ERP Modules

Customer Management

Project Execution Plan

  • The customers can check project development
  • The customers can compare project progress

Payment Details

  • The buyer can get down payment details
  • Balance payment details

Payment Mode

  • The payment through check, cache, draft etc.
  • Update in changes in payment plan

Changes in Payment mode

  • If the customers want to change their mode of payment then they can put a request

Possession Details

  • The customers can check project progress
  • Expected possession details
  • Registry Details
  • Document required for registry

Material Details

  • Customer product awareness such as cement, brick, paint and many others

Complaint & suggestion

  • If the customers have any issue then they can put a complaint
  • The mature suggestions are always welcome
Builder Management

Project Execution Plan

  • The builder share project development plan
  • The project execution status

Sales Details

  • Builder can check sales leads
  • Builder can access sold project details
  • Builder can get inventory details

Changes in Payment mode

  • Builder can update and change the payment plan
  • Builder can specify the mode of payment from customers

CRM and Property Details

  • The builder can update CRM and property details

Material Details

  • The builder can mention details of materials
  • Window specification
  • Door specification
  • Modular accessories details
  • Paint colour
  • Woodwork details
HR, Payroll & Finance Management
  • Employee Attendance Management
  • Payroll Processing Management
  • Leave Management
  • Finance Management
  • Trial Balance
  • P & L Account
  • Balance Sheet

Real Estate ERP Software in India | ERP Software for Real Estate

The Real Estate industry is growing day by day due to the major works related to housing and specialized construction work. This fast development requires increased demand for materials, sales leads, project development and many others that impact all business processes within the industry. Hence, it is very difficult to manage all these processes simultaneously.

GANIT offers the best Real Estate ERP Software in India at affordable cost. It provides the best solutions to manage your Real Estate Company in efficient and productive manner. You can manage and execute all the real estate processes within the organization. It keeps critical information such as raw material costs, equipment leasing, labour or maintenance and many others. You can get all the information related to progress and actual status of the project. Apart from these all it creates a transparent interface between customers and builder from project planning to execution and establishes a strong relationship with customers and suppliers. It is not a matter how big your organization is ERP Software for Real Estate manages coherent work flow in the company efficiently.

Benefits of GANIT ERP

Real Estate Development

Effective profitability is a determining factor in the success of your business. So, if you want to get higher revenue, it is very necessary to manage all the processes within the organization efficiently. GANIT Real Estate ERP manages all the real estate factors such as projects, budgets, marketing and management of sales on a single technology platform that understands the market better than anyone.

Property Management

Light operations and solid cash flow is the key to earn great ROI. GANIT Real Estate ERP provides a solution and manages healthy relationship with contractors, suppliers, partners, shopping and even managing your customers. It reduces operation time by avoiding repeating work and uses the maximum resources to increase your cash flow.


GANIT ERP Software enables your company to manage all resources involved in each project from materials management to payroll efficiently.

If you have Real Estate software then you just focus on your business rather than managing process in your organization. This software optimizes each process and reduces operation time.

Human Resources

GANIT manages and controls payroll, attendance and incidents with sub-contractors, suppliers and inventory management.