The Manufacturing ERP has been developed and designed to manage various processes involved in any manufacturing companies. It is very important if you want to drive profitable result in your business.


The Human Resources Management Solution allows you to manage all the activity related to HR department. It is especially useful in companies which have large number of employees and requires large number of resources to manage it.


We develop very wide-eyed Education ERP that enables you to manage your administrative and internal processes very efficiently. It optimizes resource management that routed to business profit with adequate care.

Real Estate

You can manage your company processes in more organized and productive way by GANIT Real Estate ERP. It helps you to fulfil your global business objectives by managing pre-sales, marketing, sales, administration.

Supply Chain

The Supply Chain ERP automates and integrates your business by optimizing its effectuality in order to drive success in business. It manages and connects all the processes in real-time from production to supply management. Thus it improves planning, reduce cost, optimize inventory and quick response.

Lead Management (CRM)

The Lead Management ERP enables users to manage and maintain their business leads online. This software has been designed and developed in such a manner that user feel easy to manage and follow up the leads in well planned manner.

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