Supply Chain Management Module

Admin Module
  • Company Master
  • Project Master
  • User Creation
  • User Permission
  • Document series
  • Mail Set up
  • Reset Password
  • Approvals
Customer management
  • New Customer Entry
  • Customer Route
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Type
  • Customer Sales
  • Customer Collection
Sales force automation
  • Vehicle Master
  • Vehicle Route Master
  • Sales Man Master
  • Delivery Man Master
  • Sales Route
  • Delivery Route
  • Stock In-Out
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Transfer
  • Batch Transfer
HR & Payroll
  • Employee Master
  • Attendance Master
  • Leave Master
  • Department Master
  • Designation Master
  • Calendar Master
  • City/State Master
  • Salary Head Master
  • Earning Master
  • Deduction Master
  • Statutory compliances Master
  • Employee Income Tax Master
  • Chart of Account
  • Account Group
  • Account Head
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Fund Position
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Income Tax Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Area-Wise Sales Report
  • Project-Wise Sales Report
  • Product-Wise Sales Report
  • Sale-Tax Report

Supply Chain Management ERP

The Supply Chain ERP Software automates and integrates your business by optimizing its effectuality in order to drive success in business. It manages and connects all the processes in real-time from production to supply management. Thus it improves planning, reduces cost, optimizes inventory and quick response. It supports the customers and suppliers in order to build a strong relationship.

Supply Chain ERP Software

You can get the best Supply Chain Management ERP Software System in India in your budget. With the help of Supply Chain ERP Software, you can manage your whole businesses from finance, production, purchasing and sales as well. It makes the functionality of all the processes very easy and maintains coherent work- flow in organization.

Benefits of Supply Chain ERP

Demand Forecast

The Supply Chain ERP Software enables the manufacturers to control a number of operations within the organization in efficient manner. The manufacturer can supervise the inventory location throughout supply chain. This helps manufacturers to use the inventory in an optimal manner and still provide excellent service to customers.

Effective Performance

The Supply Chain Management provides excellent business analytics that helps the customers to measure their business performance. If any new benchmarks and metrics come in to existence then it can provide warnings against the problems that may occur in operations.

Relations between Customers

The supply management software develops a better understanding of customer’s requirement for products and services. This integrated approach enables the organizations to increase profits and build healthy and long-term relationships with customers.

The Low Manufacturing Costs

The low is the manufacturing cost is inversely proportional to the benefits in the business. Thus low the manufacturing cost is the main concern for suppliers. The Supply Chain ERP Software provides real-time data and ensures simple operation.